New Year start

With fantastic help from Barrie and Chris, the building frame is now securely fixed to the concrete floor, the stem formers fore and aft have been secured, the individual moulds screwed to the base and checked for true ready to receive the hog. Timber for hog, keel and stems due early Monday morning.

All planks have now been cut out and trimmed ready for scarphing and joining.

Vicky and Adrian (T) spent a good deal of careful time setting up the scarphing jig in preparation for starting on the 48 (6 planks, 4 scarphs each both port and starboard) scarph joints to be cut before we can try to glue the planks. Essential to get the jig spot on and rigid allowing us to move swiftly confident that each scarph will match and ultimately the hull can be fair. Painstaking job but a job well done. Thank you.