At last – oar construction begins

After long deliberation, measurement and spreadsheet calculation we have finally decided to make 11ft oars that can be cut down if necessary.  They will have leather sleeves.

Adrian and Andy bought some straight-grained Douglas Fir from A&W Cushion of Norwich and today finally got down to marking, sawing and planing.


The actual blades are “wings” of Douglas Fir glued with epoxy to the shafts.  Outside it was trying to snow so the garage was too cold for the epoxy to cure, so after discussion with Katy (Andy’s wife) it was decided that the kitchen was already being used for an authorised purpose (cake making) so we would work in the conservatory.


Finally the gluing was done and the wood began to look like a pair of oars.  Clamps off on Sunday and then some shaping to do.