Chris, Barrie, Victoria and Roger have today ensured the keel is on and stems scarphed and glued. This means we should be ready to turn the boat over – I am thinking of Tuesday morning, say 10:30 – 11:00. If you could lend a hand for an hour please contact me by e-mail (flint.house2@btinternet.com) or phone 01263 862496. We shall need a few of us to make light work of it. John Worrall of Anglia Afloat plans to photograph the event.

ALec Jordan has asked us to take Hoi Larntan to the Beale Park boat show 7,8,9 June. It would be good to have an English boat there, rather than one of the Scottish ones, to spread the gospel  – so launch date could move back to weekend at end of May. Olympic rowing celebrity has been asked but couldn’t do June 8th so maybe the change of date will help?

Watch this space.