Despite the weather…

Opening the barn this morning to check the boat the thermometer read 1.9 degrees centigrade! It’s like that in North Norfolk when the wind is in the East.

Undismayed, gunwales, capping rail, breasthooks and cox’s seat are being fitted, Chris has undertaken to construct the bottom boards in his own workshop (see delivery below) while Andy and Adrian press on oar-making with valuable assistance from Edward Allen and the lads at Russell Scientific Instruments. The larch thwarts are being cut and fitted loosely too.

Alec Jordan has invited us to exhibit the boat at Pangbourne 7th to 9th June in the Beale Park Boat Show. Anyone wishing to come (even for a day) is most welcome; free tickets, and accommodation can be arranged, plus ample camping site. It’s the best UK boat show. Contact Ian for details.


A few clamps to hold the capping rail down…




The first thwart in place…




Vicky making a good job of routering anti-slip grooves in the bottom boards…




Then on the car and away to Blakeney for Chris to start…



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