So many people have helped us in so


So many people have helped us in so many ways – not only coming and being part of the build but many off-site activities have made it all possible. Today Tom Kittle of Lapwing Woodturning in Holt finished these superbly turned thole pins for Hoi Larntan and has shown great interest in the project. Thanks very much Tom.





With the prospect of travelling to Ullapool and dipping our oars in the Northern Atlantic – well, Loch Broom and the fringes of the Minch anyway, I thought a small offering to Neptune would be appropriate, so a small silver coin is now embedded in the apron.



Another stage…

Barrie added a coat of undercoat and the amount of woodwork left to do is diminishing. Shaun, who built the frame, fitted the breasthook and together we hung the rudder. Alan cut and shaped the kabes and rouths. The rounding of edges and smoothing countless surfaces still presents an awesome task – see all the masking tape – before final painting and varnishing but Hoi Larntan is taking shape. Jobs are now listed in terms of days and the inexorable approach of our launch 25 May!

Work will slow for a few days (this thursday 2 May to wednesday 8 May) but then we should be ready to turn her over and start on the hull.






A lick of paint…

Just in the nick of time, as I was looking forward to a long slog, Barrie arrived, whistled round with the masking tape and between us we had a coat of primer on Hoi Larntan’s interior before lunch. Well thinned, multi-million £ epoxy high-build primer – luckily a beautiful day and we had the barn doors open to dispel the solvents. Weather permitting, continue the process tomorrow.

Later, spied on the team (four oars plus Elaine as cox), practising in Roy’s boat at Blakeney in the sunshine. Sadly a very small tide –  ashamed to say I didn’t stay to see if they got back OK?



A final clean-up…

Thanks to Vicky, Alan and Tom we sanded and scraped the interior and Hoi Larntan is now ready for a first coat of primer – if the temperature is up enough.

Thanks to others who offered their services – your chance will come!

Now for miles and miles of masking tape….



Coming together, slowly…

The gunwales/inwales are on and shaped. The thwarts are being fitted. Chris is doing a superb job with bottom boards and stretchers etc. – one dry fit and now back to his workshop for finishing. There is even talk of cleaning up and the word “paint” has been mentioned.

The oars are looking so good. 

No illusions as to how much is left to do, but we are pressing on.


Chris’s bottom boards…first dry-fit



Gunwales and loose-fitted thwarts…



The stem cut but not yet shaped…


The smell of linseed oil………………


Adrian and Andy have finished a set of four oars – well almost.  The 11ft oars have been made from Douglas Fir.  The first two are solid.  The second two are sawn longitudinally, hollowed and glued together back to back.  Sadly, they all weighed about the same though the balance point is different.  I have applied a coat of cold-pressed linseed oil from High Barn Farm and this will be allowed to soak in for a few days before final sanding and varnishing.