10 days to go…

The interior had a coat of cream gloss paint, Andy delivered the four beautiful oars and then it was time to turn her over. Giles, John, Ian and Adrian with full support team including Lina bringing a freshly baked carrot cake, lifted and spun Hoi Larntan over in all of four and a half minutes.

SInce then, Barrie supervised the shaping of the keel and between us, using a multi-million pound router bit, bought specially for the job we cut the bevel.

Alan drew the short straw and spent the next day sanding and vacuuming in equal doses. We mixed up the high-tech, high-build primer and I had to leave Alan to finish off as I had a meeting I had to attend (cunning planning, that!). Second coat on yesterday and now curing.

Steve Soanes of Soanes Signs has prepared the name-strip and Adrian (T) has the colour-work for the sheerstrake in hand.

Tom has organised the band and posters are appearing, inviting all to the launch on Saturday 25 May. 

Now, 10 days to go and still 14 days work left to do – mmm…

Starting first primer coat – Image


All are invited – 




Best of luck to Adrian Hodge and crew who are Braving the canals and lagoon of Venice to take part in the Voga Longa marathon row (usually over 1500 boats!) – just a bit of overseas training away from the competition, you understand.

P.S. Vicky, Roger, Charlie and Juno are still storm-bound in Dartmouth (8 days now). 

See: http://www.junotrip.com