Phase II

After the excitement of the launch, and thanks to all who came and took part, Hoi Larntan has been out three times with different crews at Blakeney. A brief spell back in the workshop, then off to Beale Park near Reading to take pride of place on the Watercraft stand at the boat show. She created lots of interest and two sparks were ignited – one East Coast and the other West Country. We shall have to wait and see.

Chris Partridge of Langstone Cutters and  fame took her out on the water and into the Thames for a lengthy row on the great river. Three more outings in all. Thanks to the crew from HBBR – the Home Built Boat Rally for muscle(?) power.

More thanks for great generosity from several sources which will allow us to have a spare set of oars made for Ullapool.

Long established accountancy firm Lovewell Blake LLP have offered a substantial gift. They have faithfully guided Alan Collett and the team during his time at the Litcham Health Centre and very kindly  are giving us a big chunk of the next set of oars. A huge thank you.

Dave Chambers at Norfolk Larder in Briston, apart from selling us fresh fish and delicious dressed crab, has also supported us generously in our quest for more oars. He takes a great interest in our efforts and is a good friend and ally. Thank you, Dave.

Barbara Ward Jones said she would be embarrassed if I mentioned her contribution too – so obviously I wouldn’t dream of doing so – but thanks very much to her anyway!

So many others are helping – we’ll get round to thanking you personally.

The scene at Beale: