Hoi Larntan has been in regular use –

Hoi Larntan has been in regular use – more outings than I can count. Some despite the wind and weather and one cancelled because of it!

Adrian has been re-modelling the first set of oars that he and Andy made, slimming them down and helping to make rowing even easier.

Collars of Oxford are making our second set and we have three further generous rowers to thank for their contributions – Professor Robin Forrest, Elaine Sassoon (our dedicated cox) and Antonia Hardcastle all of whom have braved the Norfolk winds to row regularly – somehow seems always to be against the tide too!

There are many others to thank for their practical help, Roy who even had his own boat altered so we could practise before Hoi Larntan was launched, Morris whose draughtman’s skills solved more than one problem and Ian Ruston who masterminded the clothing and logos (based on Godfrey Sayers and Adrian Taunton’s designs). Ian has also stirred up lots of support locally for us. Thanks to you all and others I have not yet mentioned.

Thursday and Friday this week sees our first major coaching sessions – Mike Gilbert is coming to put us through our paces – more after the event.

The cover has been made and looks good and robust: