Sponsor Hoi Larntan in The Great River Race

The Great River Race Saturday 7th September 2013

We are going to race 21 miles down the River Thames from the Docklands to Ham Common in our newly built St Ayles Skiff.   This is a traditional wooden boat built by the community and powered by 4 oars and laughter.  Our boat, the Hoi Lantarn, was launched at the end of May and since then we have been tirelessly training by rowing from Blakeney out to visit the seals at Blakeney Point on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast. Last weekend found us being prised out of our beds very early on a Sunday morning and rowing the 8 miles or so back home from Wells.    We have also taken part in the inaugural St Ayles Skiff World Championships in Ullapool, where we finished a very creditable 16.  None of us are professional rowers (some have only rowed a couple of times before the boat was launched) but we like a challenge, and that is why we want to row  London’s river marathon and raise lots of money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Many people are happy to donate when asked by Family or Friends

Andy M sent this email to his contacts:-

Two years ago I grew a moustache in the “Movember” event (http://uk.movember.com/) to raise money for Prostate Cancer – partly because of friends who had suffered and partly because it was a neglected area in Mens’ Health.  Little did I know that two months later a random blood test would reveal that I had incurable cancer of the prostate – what a bummer!

My anti-hormone treatment means that I am unable to grow a moustache and other treatments make me tired.  Luckily I was able to take part in the construction of Hoi Larntan – a St Ayles Skiff which is a type of 4-man coastal rowing boat (see the story here https://crablakeney.wordpress.com/).

We are sending a crew to the Great River Race in London on 7TH September 2013 (http://www.greatriverrace.co.uk/) to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK and also towards a new boat as the sport is proving very popular.

I would ask you to consider this carefully and to think of donating any amount no matter how small – every bit really does help.  See http://www.justgiving.com/HoiLantarn 

Thank you for reading this.

Within 24 hours donations amounting to £570 had been generously given and continue to pour in.

Please take a short while to publicise this appeal by copying and sending to all your contacts.