Carrow Cup December 2013

Hoi Larntan recently took part in the Carrow Cup on the River Wensum in Norwich.  This is the 200th running of this event and it is the second oldest race in England behind the Doggett’s Coat and Badge.  This year there was a new trophy donated by the Norwich Society for the fastest Traditional Boat on handicap.

Carrow cup 001

The race starts at Pulls Ferry, is 4000 metres long, and ends at the Thorpe Railway Bridge.  Boats depart at 20 second intervals and are timed and then placed according to handicapping figures based on those used in the Great River Race.

Carrow cup 008

This year there were 15 entries in the Traditional Boat division (one scratched shortly before the event, possibly due to Christmas shopping) and the event was won by a crew from the Lower Thames Rowing Club in their Hanningfield hybrid gig 4+.

Hoi Larntan finished a creditable eighth position, beating two Cornish Pilot Gigs.

In 2014 we expect to at least have double the number of St Ayles Skiffs taking part – largely because we are building a second boat!  However,  Team Guella at Wells-next-the-Sea have started on their two kits and the Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing Club have advanced plans so we are hopeful of more local racing next year.


Boat type Classes Handicap hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss hh:mm:ss
Time Taken with Handicap crct’d Start time Finish time Elapsed time Corrected Time
Hanningfield hybrid gig 4+ 00:17:29 TR 0.89 03:20:58 03:40:37 00:19:39 00:17:29
Hanningfield hybrid gig 4+ 00:17:33 TR 0.85 03:17:01 03:37:46 00:20:45 00:17:33
Hanningfield hybrid gig 4+ 00:18:26 TR 0.89 03:20:11 03:40:54 00:20:43 00:18:26
Hanningfield skiff 2,1X+ 00:19:01 TR 0.77 03:14:56 03:39:47 00:24:51 00:19:01
Solent Galley 4+ 00:19:14 T 0.94 03:22:14 03:42:42 00:20:28 00:19:14
Thames double skiff 26′ 2X+ 00:19:34 T 0.88 03:18:59 03:41:13 00:22:14 00:19:34
Solent Galley 4+ 00:19:41 T 0.89 03:17:34 03:39:41 00:22:07 00:19:41
St Ayles skiff 00:19:57 T 0.82 03:16:07 03:40:28 00:24:21 00:19:57
Cornish Pilot Gig 00:20:34 T 0.94 03:23:47 03:45:40 00:21:53 00:20:34
Cornish Pilot Gig 00:20:46 T 0.94 03:22:52 03:44:58 00:22:06 00:20:46
Hanningfield skiff 3X+ 00:21:51 TR 0.85 03:18:19 03:44:01 00:25:42 00:21:51
Faering 15′ 3″ 2X+ 00:23:12 T 0.66 03:09:50 03:45:14 00:35:24 00:23:12
Double skiff 20′ 2X+ 00:24:18 T 0.80 03:14:56 03:45:19 00:30:23 00:24:18
Yole 00:28:41 O 0.98 03:24:16 03:53:32 00:29:16 00:28:41

What a year…!

A very Happy Christmas to all our readers and all the friendly, enthusiastic people we have met through the wonderful St Ayles skiff. Thank you for all the fun and the warm welcomes we have had this year.

From all at CRABlakeney.


We’ve done it again…..

For the second time this year we have removed a brand new St Ayles skiff from her building moulds and turned her over. Barrie gathered a team including Barry and his daughter (thanks for the photos), Peter Yetman the micro-brewer from next door at Bayfield Brecks and new recruit Steve and between us we hoisted the new boat up and over. Andrea helped us celebrate with teas/coffees and delicious mince pies.

Our second great milestone. Now the real work begins!

One coat of undercoat and ready to turn over…..


Up she comes…..


Yes, Barrie there is a fair bit of tidying up to do….nothing you can’t handle! Congratulations on getting this far so quickly.


A brief pause to gather breath then Steve and Barrie set to with hot air gun and scrapers. Our President, Victoria, fresh back from her row in the Carrow Cup with Hoi Larntan, immediately grabbed the sandpaper and soon almost one half of the interior was scraped free of epoxy dribbles – until the hot air gun overheated and went on strike!!   ‘Sic biscuitus disintegrat’ as they used to say in Rome.

Vote for our boat…….

The magazine Classic Boat is continuing its annual awards and this year the St Ayles Skiff that we all row and love is nominated in the Spirit of Tradition new build, less than 40ft category. Voting for our favourite boat couldn’t be easier just click on this address:

and look down the page to the Spirit of Tradition New Build section and click on the circle by St Ayles Skiff.

The more votes the more recognition, so please take a minute to vote – she’s the best in this category and you know she’s worth it.


See also Chris Partridge’s blogspot Rowing for Pleasure. Chris rowed Hoi Larntan this year at the Beale Park boat show.

Progress in the boat shed and on the river……

Barrie, with a little help from his friends, has pressed on with the build of “Blakeney II”. She is all planked up and now with stems and keel glued on, we plan to lift her off the moulds and turn her over, hopefully this Saturday (2p.m.) Extra spare hands welcome if you can make it, thanks.

Meanwhile, also on Saturday, our intrepid “A” team of rowers will be battling the elements and lots of competition in the Carrow Cup. This comprises a mass row through the city of Norwich down to Whitlingham. Many of the crews dress in seasonal fancy gear (Santa outfits and reindeer horns etc.) and boats are similarly decorated. This year is the bicentenary of the race according to Adrian, though he claims he has not rowed in them all!

Fine, sliding seat racing pairs, fours and eights mingle with the real boats – the traditional, mainly fixed seat craft. Lower Thames, Langstone, and some of the East Coast clubs will be represented, so no lack of serious contenders. We wish our crew (Victoria, Robin, Alan, Mark and Elaine) the fairest of tide, smooth water and a following breeze.

In Barrie’s barn, preparing the hull to take the keel:



Lots of epoxy, lots of weight, lots of clamps…..