Progress in the boat shed and on the river……

Barrie, with a little help from his friends, has pressed on with the build of “Blakeney II”. She is all planked up and now with stems and keel glued on, we plan to lift her off the moulds and turn her over, hopefully this Saturday (2p.m.) Extra spare hands welcome if you can make it, thanks.

Meanwhile, also on Saturday, our intrepid “A” team of rowers will be battling the elements and lots of competition in the Carrow Cup. This comprises a mass row through the city of Norwich down to Whitlingham. Many of the crews dress in seasonal fancy gear (Santa outfits and reindeer horns etc.) and boats are similarly decorated. This year is the bicentenary of the race according to Adrian, though he claims he has not rowed in them all!

Fine, sliding seat racing pairs, fours and eights mingle with the real boats – the traditional, mainly fixed seat craft. Lower Thames, Langstone, and some of the East Coast clubs will be represented, so no lack of serious contenders. We wish our crew (Victoria, Robin, Alan, Mark and Elaine) the fairest of tide, smooth water and a following breeze.

In Barrie’s barn, preparing the hull to take the keel:



Lots of epoxy, lots of weight, lots of clamps…..



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