We’ve done it again…..

For the second time this year we have removed a brand new St Ayles skiff from her building moulds and turned her over. Barrie gathered a team including Barry and his daughter (thanks for the photos), Peter Yetman the micro-brewer from next door at Bayfield Brecks and new recruit Steve and between us we hoisted the new boat up and over. Andrea helped us celebrate with teas/coffees and delicious mince pies.

Our second great milestone. Now the real work begins!

One coat of undercoat and ready to turn over…..


Up she comes…..


Yes, Barrie there is a fair bit of tidying up to do….nothing you can’t handle! Congratulations on getting this far so quickly.


A brief pause to gather breath then Steve and Barrie set to with hot air gun and scrapers. Our President, Victoria, fresh back from her row in the Carrow Cup with Hoi Larntan, immediately grabbed the sandpaper and soon almost one half of the interior was scraped free of epoxy dribbles – until the hot air gun overheated and went on strike!!   ‘Sic biscuitus disintegrat’ as they used to say in Rome.


4 thoughts on “We’ve done it again…..

  1. Mus uni non fidit antro (A mouse does not rely on just one hole) –
    even without the hot air gun – one half of the inside of the hull is now sanded!

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