Bluejacket comes out…(?)

Barrie’s appeal for help met with the usual enthusiastic CRABlakeney response and on the basis of ‘many hands make light work’ our second St Ayles skiff – Bluejacket – saw daylight, at last. We had calculated the width of the doorway most carefully, but…

Will she, won’t she…?




Phew! That was tight.




Our President is chuffed. Dark glasses are so cool!





Just how many skiffers does it take to…?



Well done Barrie – proper job. You are allowed to smile.





Hoi Larntan – not wishing to be left out; earlier this morning near Blakeney Point. Five men and a dog. Oops, could be in trouble there? Sorry Antonia and Victoria.




Many thanks to all who turned out (again) today to help lift and turn. Also further thanks to all who have contributed in whatever way to the emergence of Bluejacket.

Next event is her launching party – Saturday 26 April at 15:30 Blakeney Carnser. We hope to have friends from far and wide (Wells and KIngs Lynn skiffers too?) plus a senior representative of North Norfolk District Council’s Big Society Fund without whose valuable community sponsorship Bluejacket would still be a dream.

See you all there.




One thought on “Bluejacket comes out…(?)

  1. The Reverend Libby Dady, Rector of the Parishes of the Glaven Valley Benefice including Blakeney, has expressed great pleasure at being invited to bless Bluejacket at her launch on Saturday

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