It doesn’t stop there…

Adrian, our membership guru, has been keeping an eye on Hoi Larntan’s activities to date. With Bluejacket in the water too now, the summer promises to be busy. Major highlight after the Bank Holiday weekend will be taking her (HL) to Cork in the South of Ireland for the Ocean to City long distance row – quite a spectacle with masses of different boats from all over the world.

That leaves the rest of us at home to get used to Bluejacket’s amazing new oars here in the Pit at Blakeney!

Adrian reported:

“You may be interested to know who has been using the boats.
Top Gun is Victoria with 34 recorded outings, closely followed by Antonia with 31. Then Barry 24, Ian, Alan and Roland on 21.
9 rowers have recorded between 10 and 20 outings and a total of 71 people (CRAB members and non-members) have had at least one recorded outing.”

Not bad for a little boat.

This is what it is all about:



Enjoy your rowing!

P.S. the new trailer/trolley combi for Bluejacket is in Peterborough being galvanised as we speak (write?).