Knots and knotting…

No, it is not the Blakeney Coastal Crochet Club but our keenest members unravelling the mysteries of some ten or so basic knots which might be useful in tieing down our skiffs and tieing on the covers, etc..

Richard, Barrie and Ian led 20 knotters, with those that knew helping those to whom it was initially a black art.

By way of reward, Anta had cooked a seemingly endless supply of delicious hot food and highly calorific puds which were devoured in multiple helpings by all. Thanks Anta and for letting us invade your lovely home.

Oh, and a little soothing fluid was imbibed.


What Skiffing is all about…

Victoria Egan couldn’t resist the following:

How better to start the weekend than an early morning row to blow the cobwebs away?

Both boats were on the water and we were joined by two new rowers, Tracey & Jan.

The water was calm as we rowed out to the lifeboat house in the morning sun with geese calling overhead and egrets strolling on the marsh. Sailing boats were milling about rather than zipping around.

After a break with welcome cake we set off back for Blakeney and we arrived back just as the first drops of rain fell.


Tranquil times in the Pit at Blakeney…

Hoi Larntan and crew caught by amateur photographer Andy Weir as they approach and land at the old lifeboat station on Blakeney point (now the National Trust information centre).

Andy who is based in Warrington, Cheshire has very kindly allowed us to use these great photos. To see more of his work do take a moment to visit his website:

for some stunning pictures of wildlife and scenery.


Alan Collett spotted Andy and his camera and asked if we could have these pictures.


Last of the Summer wine? Seems Autumn and chillier times are upon us now, but the calendar is still full of bookings for outings – so keep on rowing!