The day the weather changed!..and more…

Bob from the Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing Club posted this on their WordPress website after braving a stiff Blakeney breeze and vertical rain showers on Sunday 2nd November. They had come to try Hoi Larntan as their first skiff is just recently planked and turned over.

Bob wrote:

On a bleak November Sunday, KLCRC members visited North Norfolk and thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing some time on the water with the fine folk of the CRABlakeney – The Coastal Rowing Association Blakeney

Scotty, Ben and Jon (from KLCRC) went for their first row in Hoi Larntan under the care and expert tutelage of Tom and Alan.  We all came away glowing and enthused.


We wish KLCRC well with the remaining work to comple their first St Ayles skiff and then starting on their second. Come on, we want some local competition!

see:-  for more words and pictures.


From the Holt Youth Project:-

CraBlakeney have kindly agreed to help some of our young people enjoy the sport and activity of rowing.

Over the course of a few months , the CraBlakeney rowing team will help train, motivate and encourage our young people. The training will take place at Blakeney quay, using their own boat. Eventually everyone involved will be confident enough to compete in races.

We hope more and more young people will want to be part of this amazing opportunity, which could lead to competing in races all over the world!

If you would like to be involved, please ring Julie Alford on 01263 710918

Below is a photo from today’s session on the boat.


 Thanks to Robin Combe for organising, and the others who helped show HYP, the fun of Coastal Rowing in our St Ayles skiff, Hoi Larntan.
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