….and the results of the Carrow Cup

The boats in the Traditional Division of the Carrow Cup were racing for the Carrow Bi-Centinary Silver Bowl, which was given last year by The Norwich Society and River Wensum Partnership.
It was won again by the Lower Thames RC in their Hanningfield hybrid skiff. A beautiful day with flat water meant that sea boats like ours were not in with a chance overall so amongst CRABlakeney members the real tension was in the head-to-head between our two boats – Hoi Larntan rowed by the women and Bluejacket rowed by the men.

Carrow Cup Andy
Hoi Larntan with “the women”

carrow cup 2014 015
Bluejacket with “the men”

As you may have heard mentioned (endlessly?) the women beat the men with a time of 19mins 02secs to their 19:49. Perhaps a small consolation for the men was the fact that the race time (before applying handicap) was in their favour (23:34 v 25:09)……………but then again it was the FIRST outing as a crew for the women.

Something to discuss over the winter, starting at the AGM on Thursday 11th December.

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Carrow Cup 2014 Finishing order and corrected times

Name Club boat boat name Elapsed time Corrected
137 Alder Lower Thames RC Hanningfield hybrid gig Dauntless 00:19:42 00:17:37
129 Edwards Lower Thames RC Hanningfield hybrid gig Spirit of Dunkirk 00:22:28 00:18:05
134 White Southend CRC Seax gig Rozinante 00:22:07 00:18:19
126 Burley Lower Thames RC Skiff Renown 00:24:49 00:18:26
136 Sverdloff Lower Thames RC Hanningfield hybrid gig Spirit of Trafalgar 00:20:40 00:18:29
127 Marczewski CRA Blakeney St Ayles skiff Hoi Larntan 00:25:09 00:19:02
133 Combe CRA Blakeney St Ayles skiff Bluejacket 00:23:34 00:19:49
135 Hodge Norfolk Skiff Club Thames skiff 26′ Cherub 00:22:23 00:19:53
130 Jackson-Smith Lower Thames RC Hanningfield Hybrid gig Proud Mary 00:24:56 00:20:04
161 Williams Norfolk gig Pilot gig Sowenna 00:21:59 00:20:14
132 Paice Lower Thames RC Skiff Leigh Ho 00:24:50 00:20:34
128 Cranness Norfolk Skiff Club skiff 20′ Widgeon 00:29:37 00:24:05
125 Irons Carrow YC skiff 16′ 1X+ 00:37:09 00:24:51
131 Sassoon Norfolk Skiff Club Thames skiff 20’10” Seraph 00:33:52 00:27:56