Well, well, well…

A sunny, chilly 6 December on the River Wensum in Norwich – it must be the Carrow Cup. First raced 200 years ago – no St Ayles skiffs back then. Nowadays four different divisions (mainly carbon fibre and sliding seat) and handicapping for the traditional boats.

Our ladies crew in Hoi Larntan, delicately urged on by cox Andy Marczewski and the mens’ crew in Bluejacket, elegantly kept in order by Robin Combe battled their way downstream.

As the ladies haven’t ceased telling us (and anyone else within earshot!) they beat the men!

So effective is their training method! I’ll raise a glass to that. Well done ladies.


Reaching the finish:


We did it…!


Ah, well chaps – always next year…


Full results and more photos to follow.