Time to switch…

The plan is:

To turn Hoi Larntan over this weekend Saturday 7th and finish off varnishing – (Barrie has generously taken time to touch up the other paintwork and varnish while Hoi Larntan is still upside down).

Collect Bluejacket from Barton on 11th after the row (crew to help me load her please).

Saturday 14th switch boats at Bayfield, so a good few hands to help please. Hopefully return Hoi Larntan to Barton on Sunday 15th to be based there to the end of the month. Meanwhile Bluejacket is checked over and has her new keel band fitted at Bayfield – ready to go back to the Carnser at Blakeney.

2014 May 18 015

As I say, that is the plan!