We’re ready…

A small band (depleted by half-term duty, VHF radio courses, holidays and other activities) helped Barrie turn Bluejacket over, out of the workshop and on to the waiting trailer. She had undergone a few minor paint touch-ups and the fitting of a new brass keel-band.

Looking good in the sunshine, she is ready to go back to the boat park by the salty sea at Blakeney next weekend – beginning of March marks the start of the season.

A big thank you to Robin, Tom, Roland, Jenny and Rob who showed how light(?) and manoeuvrable a St Ayles skiff really is – ably assisted by Peter Yetman from his wonderful micro-brewery next door. Is that why we usually get so many helpers?


A big thank you, too, to Barrie for letting us use his workshop all winter and for the work he put in – not to mention the support from Andrea and the countless teas and coffees!