Another fine row…

From a fine bunch of men and women!


Thanks for the photo Tom.


It’s a long way to row to Cork, boys….

A team (should that be “The A Team”) heading East across the Pit at Blakeney into the early morning sun. Going the extra mile, as the boys have decided they are up for:

“The complete An Rás Mór (which) covers the Ocean Course, a 15 nautical mile (28km) rowing marathon from Crosshaven to Roches Point, to Cobh, Monkstown and through Lough Mahon to Lapp’s Quay in Cork city.”
No doubt a few pints of the black stuff will be needed to re-fuel the gallant rowers at the end of it all.
Cork Practise Row at Blakeney1
Facing West we can see who they all are:
Cork Practise Row at Blakeney3…except the photographer.
Thanks Alan.

Just keep on rowing…

Friday evening and a beautiful row up the Cley channel. Sun, wispy clouds high above the cumulus with clear air driven on a brisk North-easter. Our resident National Trust ranger (Norfolk Coast Countryside Manager, to be precise) did her best to test us on Latin names of marsh plants and birds (not going to reveal our score), to me they were Brent Geese, Curlew and Redshank.

Watching the forecast, we might not have bothered but as is so often the case, once there, it was magical.


P.S. we all had a go with Adrian’s multi-million pound oar (best quality skirting board timber!) and gave it the thumbs-up. Now to make a full set and improve the balance.

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(Thanks, Victoria)

Kings Lynn launch their first skiff….

The wind howled, the rain was horizontal, the Mayor got soaked, we were all frozen but it was a great event. The boats stole the show and to see three St Ayles skiffs rowing together on the Great Ouse in North Norfolk was a treat. Have a look at the Scottish Coastal Rowing web site for fuller details.

Pictures tell a thousand words, so thanks to Andy and Barrie for these:









Happy Easter one and all…

06:30 Easter Sunday

Never let it be said we don’t take these things seriously – the Rev. Tom was up early and beat everyone to the Easter Egg hunt. The result can be seen below!

We are told that Anta and Elaine felt chocolate was very much the order of the day.


The sailors, who had also risen early, were disappointed to find a strong calm in force – absolutely no wind at all!

So what did they do? They took the other skiff (Bluejacket) and enjoyed an Easter row – ably led by Alan. Obvious really.


This sounds like an excuse for a challenge – sailors versus rowers. How about it?