It’s a long way to row to Cork, boys….

A team (should that be “The A Team”) heading East across the Pit at Blakeney into the early morning sun. Going the extra mile, as the boys have decided they are up for:

“The complete An Rás Mór (which) covers the Ocean Course, a 15 nautical mile (28km) rowing marathon from Crosshaven to Roches Point, to Cobh, Monkstown and through Lough Mahon to Lapp’s Quay in Cork city.”
No doubt a few pints of the black stuff will be needed to re-fuel the gallant rowers at the end of it all.
Cork Practise Row at Blakeney1
Facing West we can see who they all are:
Cork Practise Row at Blakeney3…except the photographer.
Thanks Alan.