In tandem…

Good to be back at Blakeney after the excitement of foreign travel.

A beautiful warm sunny day (not had too many of those lately) and both boats out. A good long row straight out to Blakeney Point for a welcome from the ever inquisitive seals. Time to raft up and share the coffee and chocolate biscuits before rowing back against the newly ebbing tide. Great! Just what skiffing is all about.


Put your name down on the calendar and keep both boats busy.


Adventure on the high seas (and river)…

While some were helping deliver the Magna Carta to Runnymede on the Thames near Windsor…


Back in Blakeney high drama was narrowly averted by the efforts of our gallant crew…

Four stalwart ladies, with Robin as cox, set off on Sunday in the face of a very swift incoming tide and a strong headwind blowing straight down the Cut. Getting the crew into the boat was tricky enough and once all were aboard it proved difficult to get away from the bank. Five minutes after embarking we got back level with the slipway. We were told that a couple had been spotted marooned on the marshes but at first we couldn’t see them.

We had to row just over halfway down the Cut before Victoria E spotted the teenagers on the marshes. Realising that we were making no headway, we decided to return and try to rescue them. By then the wind had veered to the east, making getting away from the bank after picking up the couple, verging on the impossible. Fortunately we got a tow from a passing RIB and made safe landfall with our passengers near the slip. Barry B who had taken his RIB out with Anta told us that conditions were too rough further out for rowing so turning back early was the right decision.

Two happy teenagers very relieved to back safe and sound. Well done Robin and crew.

Tower to Tower (London to Eiffel)…

Just as the CRAB Ole Boyz complete the Ocean to City row on Ireland’s south coast, our founder Dr Victoria Holliday achieved another ‘short’ row – just down the Thames, across the English Channel (La Manche to some) into Le Havre and up the Seine to Paris. Wow!

Ably assisted by celebs, their first time rowing, turn and turn about, they powered a Cornish Gig – with support craft providing a chance to rest and sleep every two hours. Victoria and the team made it to the Eiffel Tower – all to raise money for the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice – £240,000 to date. Fantastic!