More oar making

Yesterday’s task – hollowing out components for one of the new oars…

Moulding planes lined up in the finished tapered hollow in what will be the inside of the the top of a loom:


Starting off the process using a 1/4″  moulding plane to establish a groove, producing a most satisfactory single shaving.


Moulding planes take some effort to use, but it’s much more pleasant than driving an electric router, plus it’s much more satisfying. Next task, hone the blades before starting the next set of components. If it won’t shave the hairs off the back of your arm, it’s not sharp enough!


Oars and Regattas…

Gentle, careful progress in the barn reveals the shape of an oar:


Still a long way to go but coming together:


Three more to make after this one, Rob!

Blakeney Regatta

No photo as yet, but we have to congratulate Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing on racing Their skiff,  Lynn Réwet, with us on Saturday as part of the Blakeney Regatta. A tight race with the CRAB men’s team winning and our all-women’s team showing their mettle by leading the visitors over the line; so hearty congratulations to our ladies too. Lovely weather and a great row to stretch the crews.

We hear that KLCRC’s second skiff is now fully planked and ready for turning over. Well done, guys, looking forward to a fourth St Ayles skiff here on the North Norfolk coast.

More Morston…

Great photo from Steve Soanes showing intense competition as the crews race out of the Cut in to Blakeney Harbour proper (the Pit).


Umpire perhaps should be warning each cox to move over and avoid clashing oars? In the end no contact and a fair contest.

Next weekend is Blakeney Regatta – early start on Saturday, 08:00.

Both our boats entered – and we hear the crew from Kings Lynn will be bringing their fine skiff to add further competition. Should be a serious race. Pride at stake.

Morston Regatta 2015…

Bright sun, gentle Northerly, boats galore and a little bit of friendly rivalry! Both skiffs, crewed by those who compete less often, had a great row battling through the throng of craft enjoying the Summer outing.

Pretty busy at the start. All the sailing boats line up on the bank in ‘Le Mans’ fashion, setting off in reverse order of predicted speed. The skiffs threaded their way through:


Lean right forward for the catch…

IMG_9080Fine way to spend a Summer’s day.

The quest for the perfect oar…take 4

Deep in the heart of North Norfolk hands are at work fashioning the latest theory into practice. The aim is to improve balance, so some parts have to be lighter than others – giving away no details of course. 80 year old tools are resurrected for the purpose.


Every group of skilled craftsmen needs a supervisor:


All get a chance to make their mark:


Don’t hold your breath, though, prototypes take a little longer…but watch this space.