Oars and Regattas…

Gentle, careful progress in the barn reveals the shape of an oar:


Still a long way to go but coming together:


Three more to make after this one, Rob!

Blakeney Regatta

No photo as yet, but we have to congratulate Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing on racing Their skiff,  Lynn Réwet, with us on Saturday as part of the Blakeney Regatta. A tight race with the CRAB men’s team winning and our all-women’s team showing their mettle by leading the visitors over the line; so hearty congratulations to our ladies too. Lovely weather and a great row to stretch the crews.

We hear that KLCRC’s second skiff is now fully planked and ready for turning over. Well done, guys, looking forward to a fourth St Ayles skiff here on the North Norfolk coast.