Great River Race Results 2015

Congratulations to the crew of Bluejacket, who achieved a podium place,  coming 3rd in the  60+ Veterans class, a considerable achievement, especially given the windy & rough conditions – Dragon boats were not allowed to race, and some 20 boats did not finish.

Overall results for the competing St Ayles skiffs:

Coigach Lass (2hrs. 40 mins. 30 secs) winner of the V40 event and finishing 4th overall.
Groot & Grut 2 (2hrs 48 mins. 59 secs.) finished in 14th position.
Bluejacket (2hrs. 58mins. 03 secs.) finished in 52nd place coming third in the V60 category.
Dwars (3hrs. 06mins. 39 secs.) finished in 102nd place.
Hoi Larntan (3hrs. 11 mins. 06 secs.) finished in 122nd place.
Groot & Grut 1 (3hrs. 22mins. 50secs.) finished in 180th place.

302 crews completed the course. The slowest in 5hrs 17mins. 02secs. and the fastest in 2hrs 12mins 52 secs.
Hoi Larntan suffered a broken oar 2.5 miles from the finish -snapped clean off in fair use, no collision involved- and the  outboard section is still somewhere on the Thames….didn’t really feel like turning around & going back for it with the rest of the fleet bearing down on us!
Oh dear (or words to that effect)
One of the other oars for Hoi Larntan has also been found to be cracked, so making the new set of oars will be pursued with more urgency.
More pictures as they’re available…