Hoi Larntan’s tale…

An idea of the atmosphere and activity surrounding one boat’s adventure in the Great River Race of 2015.

1 Some of the 300 plus boats and their crews gathering at the launch site in London’s Dockland:


2 There’s quite a period of waiting, holding the boat against tide while our start time comes up (slowest boats first, quicker ones later):


3 The race itself. Charging along, catching some, being overtaken by others:


4 Finally, the scramble at Ham slipway, jostling to get alongside while one weary soul (having rowed 21 and a bit miles) trudges up the field to collect the launching trolley:


5 Safely back on the trailer and ready for home. Well done everybody, you made it with only three oars!

Hoi Larntan  ready for home

It’s not just the rowing, there’s a lot of effort in getting the boat there and back! Thanks to Anta and Alan for towing.

Thanks to Rosemary (and Robin on board) for photos. Many more on the CRAB  Groupspaces ‘photos’ page. Make sure you have a look!

Congratulations to the Coigach crew for their fantastic result and finishing in 4th place overall.

St Ayles skiffs mean business!