All in a day’s work…

The start of our program to ensure as many as possible, and especially lead rowers have had a chance to practise Man-Overboard (MOB) drill.

  1. All sign the outings sheet and prepare the boat, safely on dry land.

MOB row in Bluejacket1

2. Row out under blue skies.

MOB row in Bluejacket2

3. Help! ‘man overboard‘. Cox takes control; one crew member keeps the casualty in view: the rest ‘calmly’ turn the boat:MOB row in Bluejacket3

4. Talking the while, to re-assure the casualty, we come alongside and recover the poor soul (or buoy in this case!). Using the long painter to provide something to hang on to. Getting a full size, soaking wet human back on board is much harder!

MOB row in Bluejacket4

We also tried backing the boat down to the casualty – not easy in a fresh breeze and flood tide.

This exercise assumes someone falling off another boat etc., as we still had all four rowers and our cox to handle the boat. Much more difficult if we lose one of our own crew.

A good thing to practise. One day it could happen for real.

Thanks to Alan for photos.