A helping hand (or eight)…

It may not have been part of the original plan for our impromptu training weekend but increasing the pressure by towing becalmed sailors proved a useful workout:


Don’t be deceived, the catamaran is not overtaking the skiff. Our all-ladies crew is pulling hard in all senses of the word.

All in a day’s training with CRAB.

We were joined by a crew from Kings Lynn Coastal Rowing. They didn’t bring their boat but had a great time trying out our new prototype oars.

The general consensus is that the oars are better balanced and make it easier to power the boat along – but being long with wider blades, catching crabs can be very much the order of the day.

Not a problem in flat calm water, as in the picture above, but Saturday presented a challenge; rowing back against a fresh Easterly with a good old Blakeney chop, was guaranteed to catch the unwary.

Particular thanks to Victoria and Mike for passing on their expertise throughout the weekend.