At last…

After a stream of photos of our boats and others in foreign waters, here we are back in our winter base at Barton. Thank you Rosemary for not only remembering your camera but also you took some pictures!

This was Tuesday:



Most important après-row activity – making sure the boat is left in a clean state for the next crew – maximum points, team.


Another fine outing in the cold, steady drizzle today (Wednesday) – up to How Hill and back. We even won the race – in fact you couldn’t see the opposition. They were  nowhere in sight!

Don’t forget:

AGM at Blakeney Sailing Club 7:30 p.m.on Thursday 3 December.

Would be good to catch up with you all there.

‘Tis the season…

Mists and falling temperatures, but the water is just as enticing. We had a great row this morning at Barton Broad. Kept ourselves warm by some serious full-pressure sessions.

Monitored by a Marsh Harrier flying high above us, a darting Kingfisher skimming across the water in front of us and a gaggle of long-tailed Tits flitting between branches. Swans glided serenely and scornfully past and we even got a nod from a huge but benign-looking Highland bull taking a rest on the bank.

Took the camera and left it in the car… so here is another shot of the fresh water sprints in Scotland: