From mud and rain in Norwich to mist and sun at St Benet’s…

“On Monday Roland, friends and their wives set off from Barton on an expedition down the River Ant to St Benet’s Abbey and back. Quite a day out! It was colder than in the Caribbean for sure!
Coffee and biscuits at How Hill…
Lunch after navigating Ludham Bridge…
By this time everyone was getting cold, with the sun just just peeking through the cloud base. As you see from the photographs it was stunning.
We saw two kingfishers, but no otters. As a result of our trip we now have two new members signing up (Louise and Penny ) for 2016 and possibly a third showing interest, so a very successful outing.”
Thanks to Roland for the words and to David for photos.

Carrow Cup results…

Adrian writes:

“Once again Lower Thames swept the board, with the ladies in their new Celtic Longboat setting a blistering time, which could only be matched by the Lower Thames men in their Spirit Gig Dauntless. However, in this race, the ladies get a 10% time advantage, which was quite sufficient to give them a lead of more than a minute on corrected time.

In the St Ayles Skiff race, the Blakeney men overturned last year’s victory by Blakeney ladies, who were beaten by just one second on corrected time by King’s Lynn in Lynn Rewet. This was the first time that King’s Lynn had attended this event, but their visit will be remembered for their traditional yellow oilskin rig and accompanying flock of seagulls.”

(The handicap system is, I gather, loosely based on the Great River Race system but with a small number of diverse boats it seems an annual nightmare for Adrian to fine-tune it for the Carrow Cup! Ed.)

Our congratulations to the ladies from Lower Thames, but whatever the results and the rain,Carrow Cup 2015_4.jpg everyone agreed it was great fun. Now next year…



Yes it really was wet!

Carrow Cup 2015_7.jpg

…and muddy!

Carrow Cup 2015_1.jpg

Photos of the sumptuous apres-row party at Anta’s were censored! Fabulous food and great to be in the warm! Lovely way to end a memorable day. Brilliant. Thanks Anta.

Many thanks to Rosemary, Robin and Alan for the pictures.




Carrow Cup Norwich – 2015

12th December with rain forecast and looking imminent, we towed boats past the Norwich City football ground, just beginning to fill up ready for the afternoon’s game. Winding our way into the precincts of the Carrow Yacht Club where Adrian had arranged for us to launch in peace and relative comfort despite the rain which had by now decided it was time to visit.

Carrow Cup 2015_3.jpg

The ladies team decided that a turkey theme was appropriate – maybe the fox misheard, he was meant to cox!

Carrow Cup 2015_5.jpg

The men were going well:


Kings Lynn chased hard too:


The ladies enjoyed it all…


And Adrian’s  lovely Thames skiff “Cherub” over 100 years old, (the boat not Adrian) put in another good performance.


More to follow….



Sunshine in the Broads and other things…

First days of December and a near perfect day of rowing at Barton. Glad to see everyone reaching well forward and putting in a good long stroke – no doubt spurred on by the weather:



A well-earned rest for coffee and biscuits after all that effort. Please note the seaman-like knots mooring Bluejacket to the stake (or is that a shapely ankle?)  Last winter’s social gathering and session on knots and knotting must have paid off:



Are my eyes deceiving me or is that oar under water?

Three oars on the same side? What is going on?



On a rather less attractive note – I am obliged to show you the dreaded moustache. Just 30 days’ growth!

Thanks to all who contributed over £250 for ‘Movember’, supporting research into prostate cancer and other male ailments.

IMG_0824 (1).jpg


AGM 7:30 tomorrow, Thursday, at the Blakeney Sailing Club.