Sunshine in the Broads and other things…

First days of December and a near perfect day of rowing at Barton. Glad to see everyone reaching well forward and putting in a good long stroke – no doubt spurred on by the weather:



A well-earned rest for coffee and biscuits after all that effort. Please note the seaman-like knots mooring Bluejacket to the stake (or is that a shapely ankle?)  Last winter’s social gathering and session on knots and knotting must have paid off:



Are my eyes deceiving me or is that oar under water?

Three oars on the same side? What is going on?



On a rather less attractive note – I am obliged to show you the dreaded moustache. Just 30 days’ growth!

Thanks to all who contributed over £250 for ‘Movember’, supporting research into prostate cancer and other male ailments.

IMG_0824 (1).jpg


AGM 7:30 tomorrow, Thursday, at the Blakeney Sailing Club.