What goes around comes around…

Or turns over – at least. Yes it’s that time again. Hoi Larntan is in Barrie’s barn awaiting a little t.l.c. Thanks to Stephen and Catherine for towing her back from the Carrow cup.

First up, she needs a fair bit of sanding to the shiny (well, they were once…) varnished bits. So if you feel up to leaning on a piece of sandpaper and doing a bit of rubbing, you’d be most welcome. This Saturday (tomorrow) afternoon 2nd Jan 2016 at 2 p.m. and then each Saturday after that.

Hoi Larntan is the right way up so no turning over needed – though we shall need some help, please, later when Bluejacket comes in and HL returns to Barton to take up her winter residence.

Remember it from last year…?