The Dilham Run…..

Alan writes:
‘We had a most enjoyable row in Bluejacket this morning to parts of the Broads I had not been to before.  Had we rowed across Barton Broad to How Hill, we judged the wind would be against us as we returned to base, therefore we rowed in the opposite direction and elected to keep bearing left when facing a choice.  Hence the title of the pictures “the Dilham Run”.
We only saw two other craft on the move, a fishing boat (see photo) and a cruiser who asked if we had rowed all the way from Blakeney!  What a gorgeous place to be rowing in the middle of January. I hope the photos go some way towards showing the pleasure we had.’
Dilham run_06.jpg
Dilham run_04.jpg
Dilham run_07.jpg
Dilham run_11.jpg
Dilham run_10.jpg
If you haven’t yet been down to Barton Broad and the surrounding waterways, this is what you are missing! (Ed.)