Pulling together…

Many thanks for the great turnout yesterday – for the great turnover. Bluejacket was whisked off her trailer and lifted on to the building frame in Barrie’s workshop. Then one quick heave and over she went, to rest upside down ready for her full re-paint. As we stood back to admire the effect of our labours, Tom, Roland and Robin had already grasped sandpaper and were starting to rub down the paintwork.

After almost constant use on the water and many miles of being towed, since she was launched, Bluejacket’s hull is in remarkably good condition – just a bit grubby. Even the first sanding, everyone else by now having taken the hint and joined in rubbing and scraping, she began to show signs of her former pristine white finish, minus the gloss shine.

Andrea made countless cups of tea and coffee as we stood back to let Catherine show us how it should be done!

That’s just the start. Saturday afternoons for the next few weeks will require plenty of effort – first finishing sanding, then undercoat/s and top coats, before turning the boat up-right again ready to start on the interior.

Preparing¬†to turn Bluejacket over…


Barrie’s barn is warm and everyone is welcome!

As ever, thanks to Andrea and Barrie.