26 January 2016…

Our Barton correspondent, Alan, tells the tale of today’s row:…
“Today the wind was predicted to gust to 41mph by 12 O’clock.  We figured we could get to How Hill and be on our way back by that time and the wind would be on our stern for the return leg of the row.  Confidently we launched and were immediately impressed, to a man and woman, with the new oars.  Skiffie World Championships here we come!  The oars are beautifully crafted, balanced to perfection.
However, we did need them to be as good as that; as we reached the open Barton Broad the waves were noted to have white crests of spray (sea state 4).  Rowing against the wind and waves made for a good workout.  Coffee break at How Hill was well earned.
The return journey was by comparison a walk in the park!  We detoured on the way back to look around the Broad but did not see any otters though they may have seen us first.  The rain only started to fall as we were putting Hoi Larntan away – and we were back by midday.
Promised not to mention Chrissie falling over twice in the boat, so better not!”
Coffee break:
This is fun:
Thank goodness for the winch: