Winter works…

A successful afternoon on Saturday saw a first coat of gloss white paint on the hull of Bluejacket (Ian and Barrie had applied a good primer/undercoat layer earlier in the week). As an experiment, paint-rollers were used as well as brushes, causing some scepticism among those who had not tried them before! The result was a pretty fair finish but maybe, to provide the thickness of protection we are looking for, a second coat will be needed.


The main topic of conversation centred round the chances of getting an enjoyable row in all this stormy weather. It was nice to be in Barrie’s warm, dry workshop/barn, sipping Andrea’s tea-time treats. Thanks to her and all who helped.

Next Saturday 13 Feb it would be great if a few more of us could spare half an hour again to come and assist with turning Bluejacket back upright so we can start on the interior and the varnish. (We might try weighing the boat too…).

Meanwhile, three or four volunteers have been helping Rob to cut and shape the Sitka Spruce for the next set of oars. These are to be hollow like the recent set which a number of people have used now, and which have received the thumbs-up for their better balance.

Next step is to start glueing the sections together and turning the oak end-pieces to make handles.  We’ll try to add up all the hours that have gone into making these oars – once we’ve finished them!