Wind or no wind…

These pins are made for breaking!

‘Hurricane’ Storm Imogen with its predicted rain and winds of 29 gusting 46 mph did not put us off.  The reality was, we undertook a careful safety-check on our window of opportunity to row before Imogen reached the Norfolk Broads.  We had a strong crew, sturdy boat and as mentioned in a previous blog, excellent oars!

We decided best not to row across the open broad but slip down the River Ant to Sutton where we did a three point turn in a “hammer head”.   Refreshments were not until we reached Stalham.  (Note to the interested; the sign on the door of the Museum on the Broads at Stalham, states it opens 10 o’clock Thursday 24th March 2016, though the website says 23rd March!)

The après-refreshment row was uphill, or so it seemed.  In fact we were now rowing against the wind with gusts we estimated at 35mph.  The wind catching our oars made us think of feathering them!  Some powering up with lovely long recovery phases soon sorted the little question of forward propulsion.

Tom’s hat blew off and had to be rescued; thank goodness for the boat hook –  unfortunately the camera was not to hand!

Neither was the camera to hand when Richard tested the metal (sorry, no metal in St Ayles Skiffs) of our Beech thole pins.  They broke perfectly each time he caught a crab.  He was a good sport and posed, later, with both pins; one a greenstick break and the other clean in two pieces.

Richard Andrews thole pins.jpg

Thanks to our correspondent Alan for words and photo.