Work progresses…

While some are still enjoying the wind, rain, frost and occasional beautiful winter sunshine rowing out on the briny (well, Barton Broad and the river Ant) others toil to keep the boats and oars up to scratch. In fact, the boat and oar builders occasionally take time to row and the rowers take their turn in the workshop.

Bluejacket’s interior is ready for the gloss top-coat of cream paint (relentlessly referred to as ‘magnolia’ by our worthy Captain) – so come along tomorrow Saturday 20th., please, to wield a brush.

With hearty thanks to Barrie for much strenuous labour during the week, Bluejacket is now converted to a thole-pin and kabe arrangement of oar-locks to match Hoi Larntan. Both boats and sets of oars should now be interchangeable.

A dusty view of the other workshop shows where the latest oars are taking shape. The four sections are cut and then hollowed out using Rob’s grandfather’s beautiful and very effective, wooden router or ‘bollow’ planes.  Learning to sharpen the semi-circular blades is an art in itself. Now shaped, the sections of each oar are ready to be glued together. Then starts the planing, sanding and shaping of the outer faces to make the oar-shaped looms. Then, there is the small matter of inserting and shaping the oak handles. Then, …on and on it goes.



Men at work…I think?


Happy rowing to all.