Return journey to Ludham Bridge…

“A good row this morning, we arrived at How Hill in 35 minutes so decided to row on to Ludham, Bridge.

Taking it in turns to cox and occupy each of the four thwarts, we hardly noticed the time passing; sharing various anecdotes and “jokes” with varying degrees of amusement.  Only one thole pin was broken on the outing and this time we promised not to mention any names.  The new thole pins look very bright and clean.

We discussed the difficulty that we might experience during a race using the highly approved new oars, if we tried to rotate positions in transit.”

Put your backs into it…

Ludham Bridge_02.jpg

Our goal achieved, windscreen lowered…

Ludham Bridge_04.jpg

Now, to work our way home…

Ludham Bridge_06.jpg

However, it’s not all hard labour…

Ludham Bridge_09.jpg

Making good progress…

Ludham Bridge_11.jpg

Finally, clean up and make her ready for the next outing…

Ludham Bridge_01.jpg

Many thanks to Alan of the words and pictures – and the rest of the crew.

If you can spare a half hour this Saturday afternoon 27th. at Bayfield please, we need to lift Bluejacket back on to her trailer. I know some of our regulars can’t make it so please come if you can.

Many thanks to all of you who have helped with the sanding and painting over the past few weeks.




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