Done and dusted…

Big thanks to all who made time to come and lift, the now re-furbished, Bluejacket off the wooden stollage and on to her trailer. Some of you travelled considerable distances to make it – much appreciated.

Again we owe a huge thank you to Barrie, not only for letting us clutter up his workshop, but for the odd hours he slipped in to make sure Bluejacket came out looking gleaming.

No-one rushed away. Andrea’s hot drinks and biscuits were excuse enough to stay and mull over things Skiffie and Blakeney.

Robin, Amy, Helen and Barry (with only a little persuasion) took up brushes and touched up the blue paint on the well worn original set of oars. Others of us watched and chatted, offering ‘advice’ to the painters as needed!

The plan is to put Bluejacket back on the Carnser early Tuesday 1 March. Hoi Larntan will then stay at Cox’s yard, Barton Turf – probably till just before Easter (could be longer) so we cover our options. There is not much water at Blakeney during daylight hours for a while yet, but outings at Barton are readily available. Check the calendar and put your name down, others will follow.

Don’t be shy of being the first on the list. The names and contacts of the ‘authorised’ rowers are on our Groupspaces web-page if you are stuck for someone to lead the outing.

Happy skiffing .