Oars indoors…

The weather and tides have not been at their co-operative best, but still, a few hardy souls have continued to row. I couldn’t believe it when I saw Bluejacket emerge from the mud in the pouring rain and gales last Saturday at Blakeney – but all the crew were smiling and delighted they’d battled out to the Watch Tower and back safely.

The cold, damp weather is equally not good for curing epoxy glues. Heating the barn at Thurning is not an economic option, particularly when there is a perfectly good, warm kitchen!  Just the place for glueing up oars.

After just a few years of marriage Pam got wise to my antics and made sure any kitchen had a central island or pillar to stop me bringing boats in.

Bless her, she has relented and at least the oars have a chance of curing; and we can work in comfort.

The latest stage with oars three and four:



Nessa keeping a watchful eye on a previous pair in the hallway, awaiting their next application of glue and clamping:


Still lots of shaping and sanding; plus glueing the spare oar, generously funded by Andy Marczewski.

I am keeping a tally of the hours Rob and Peter have spent assisted by Barry – not to mention the cups of tea Pam has made for us.