Beating the weather…

Gales, sleet and snow earlier in the week and today it’s howling from the West. The sun is trying but the clouds are winning. Yesterday, Thursday, we were so lucky. Not a big tide but oh-so gentle breeze with wall-to-wall, warm sunshine. Both boats out for the first trial with the latest set of oars, crafted by Rob, Peter and others in Ian’s barn.

Firstly, getting the boats ready:


Comparing the oars, weighing the previous set:


Now the new ones:


Balance and centre of gravity improving. Lacing of leathers waiting for further stretch/shrinkage before final tightening up.

Hoi Larntan and crew then took them on a record-breaking anti-clockwise circuit of the Pit while Bluejacket had a sedate row to the beach by Pinchen’s Creek, where coffee and chocolate biscuits built up energy reserves for the row back.

Rosemary took the photos – thanks.



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