Heat late in the day…

When the tide goes out at Blakeney and the boats are put away, CRAB doesn’t stop there. After a beautiful warm, sunny day, the sultry evening drew 25 or more hot-shot rowers on the route inland for a great curry (not too hot, just deliciously flavoured) and evening at Catherine and Stephen’s farm.

After admiring the electric Tesla car and the workings of the digester, generating power for the rest of the farm by converting waste into electricity, much mardling ensued.

The flowers, to thank Catherine for her hospitality and the curry, clearly made an impact – not only on Catherine. Several wives looked meaningfully at their husbands wondering when was the last time they had been given a bunch of flowers like that!

Surprised or what…?


The ideal way to fill in time waiting for the tide to return.

A big thank you to Stephen and Catherine.