Just when you need it…

Alan has a salutary tale for us all…a slight twist on the usual “it only works when you wear it” theme.

Safety Alert – CRAB gets its life jackets serviced annually, do you?

One of our members, using his own lifejacket (not one of the club’s ones), encountered a problem that he felt ought to be brought to our attention:

He managed, accidentally, to pull the inflate cord on his lifejacket when he was getting Hoi Larntan out of the water, and the jacket failed to inflate fully .

Gas was clearly leaking from around the trigger mechanism, and it didn’t inflate enough even to allow easy access to the mouth top-up pipe.

The jacket is a Seago classic 180N, 18 months old and apparently in good order.  He had not had it serviced, but had checked it visually, ensured the CO2 cylinder was firmly screwed in, and had manually inflated it to ensure there were no leaks in the jacket itself.

Closer examination, the following morning, revealed that the nut holding the trigger mechanism to the jacket was less tight than it could be – though it still needed a spanner to move it.   He disassembled it, checked the two O-rings that seal it, lubricated with silicone grease and reassembled.  He then tested with one of the cylinders that were condemned but returned to us when CRAB’s jackets were serviced – it worked perfectly.

The moral of the story is ‘get them serviced’ and hope the service would pick up this sort of thing!

Your committee will be discussing this at their next meeting.