Pushing the boat out…

A week later than the rest of the country because of tide times but Blakeney Sailing Club and CRAB hit the target with free sailing and rowing to all who wanted to have a go. Saturday was a near-perfect Summer’s day and both our boats introduced new-comers to rowing a St Ayles skiff in the sun.

Sunday reverted to East Coast grey with a sharp Northerly! This was not enough to deter a brave gang of visitors and locals keen to push the boat out and get a taste of being on the water. Ranging in age from those old enough to know better, through fit and healthy West Country Mark and Jo (see below) and a three-generation family whose youngest member pulled hard enough to snap a thole pin!

Saturday, gathering at Head Office (Anta’s car):…


Sunday, pulling the first boat out:…


And just to prove it:…


Thanks to our resident signwriter/maker, Steve Soanes for the photos.

Very happy to welcome Marc Peters and Jo, both experienced gig and galley rowers from Dartmouth where the BOMS Blades Rowers are nearing completion of their first St Ayles skiff build. Looking forward to seeing them on the water at the Skiffie worlds in Strangford at the end of July. We have been following their progress on Facebook and Mark has posted a very kind thank you there if you have a look.

Richard, Barry, Rosemary and Robin, Jenny, Victoria and Roland took turns ensuring everyone had a good row while a frozen Victoria E made a note of contact details – Andrea rushed back home to make us all life-reviving flasks of hot coffee while Barrie took charge of at least three dogs! Great to see Katy (plus andther dog) and Andy (who we egged on to cox) and their daughter Jess who rowed.

Thanks to all who helped on both days and, of course, Anta for masterminding it.



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