Racing at Manningtree

The weather was perfect for the long 7.5mile race down the Estuary of the River Stour. Bright sunshine, clear blue sky and a cooling breeze. High water was at 1.00pm so everything moved quite quickly once Hoi Larntan and her team had registered at 10.00am.

Roland coxed a 5 man veteran rowing team of Dan at Stroke, Tom and David in the engine room with Tony and Robin in bow. Starts and rounding buoys had been practiced, although the weather had been so bad at Blakeney in the run up to the event very little else had!

The slower fixed seat boats including HL started at 11.45am, the faster fixed seat boats at 12 Noon and sliding seat boats at 12.15 pm.

Despite a good start and excellent rowing at a steady rate of 28 throughout with bursts of speed when necessary HL finished well down the field with a time of 1 hour 24.5 mins, some 11.5 mins slower than last year.
Lessons learned were that with short races such as this one  a 5 person crew, not 6, with no changeovers is required. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the outing and is one that should firmly be in CRAB’s annual events calendar. It’s local, well organised, cheap to enter and tremendous fun.