Launch of Zandenise…

Zaznak Inland and Coastal Rowing launched their skiff Zandenise at the weekend. Our President, Anta went along with Stu and a boat from The Oarsome Chance project, ensuring a fellow skiff to welcome the newcomer.

Please note the ‘ergos’ (indoor rowing torture machines to you and me) – rumour has it (as yet unconfirmed) that the CRAB Strangford crews are due to be put through this delightful exercise routine on the Carnser before the next few outings…


Stuart leaving it to the kids…


A blessing…


Two togetherDSCF0644.JPG

Fun for all…


Skiffing just makes you smile…


Anta in charge..DSCF0798.JPG

Anta undertook an impromptu coaching session on coxing…


Welcome to Skiff number 125 (on the UK register) Zandenise!


As a side note, we still hold the trophy for the fastest St. Ayles skiff round Hayling Island. Our friends from Langstone, in skiff Bella, didn’t quite make it all the way this weekend. They had a bit of bad luck and ended up beached by Hayling island sailing club after rudder failure and big waves. The fastest team was lower Thames in their new Celtic longboat.

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