A reminder or two…

A ‘heads-up’ my grandchildren would say!

Summer social get together after the Blakeney Regatta 20 August – bring-your-own Barbecue (just your food and drink – the flames will be there!). All welcome –

“Blakeney Sailing Club and CRAB members and families, Wells, the Cockle Club, KLCRC, HL builders and all those who have ever helped CRAB”.    Quote – our President.

To be held at Norfolk Etc.’s site at Morston (hopefully Village Hall if wet) – full details when we get back from Strangford.


A promotional trip to Burnham Overy Staithe 16 August, with the aim of encouraging like-minded souls there to build a skiff and join the fun – probably quay-side from lunchtime chatting up the locals; then rowing as tide comes in.

Already several offering to help/row – but the more the merrier to spread the word.

As above – full details when we get back from Strangford.


Watch this space.



Oh, let the sun shine…

Dear Crabbers

Remember to protect yourself from the sun even when it is not as hot as it is today!

Interesting facts:

  • More that 100,000 new cases of skin cancer diagnosed annually in UK (extensive exposure to sun is thought to be responsible for the vast majority)
  • Water increases the suns radiation by up to 5%

Apply sunscreen, a thick enough layer – too thinly and protection is reduced.

Follow the manufacturers instructions regarding frequency – more is better.

Apply to any exposed skin, especially face, ears and neck.

Use a sun protection factor of at least 15 to protect against UVB.  Make sure that it is not past its user date (usual shelf life 2-3 years)

Other than sunscreen you can protect yourself using:

  • Sunglasses
  • Suitable clothing, layers that can be removed as you warm up.
  • Wide brimmed hats provide shade!
  • Don’t dehydrate and remember to take rehydration fluids

Please see the attached British Rowing advice on Sunburn, Heatstroke and Exhaustion.

Happy rowing,  Alan Collett – (CRAB Safety Officer)


Sunburn, Heat Stroke & Exhaustion.png


Cavalcade of boats at Beccles…

On Saturday we took Bluejacket across the border into Suffolk – although we had a gun -boat (MTB) in support:


We joined Tom Trevitt and a group of keen rowers (from the infant Beccles Coastal Rowing Club) who are gathering momentum to work out if they too can indulge in a St Ayles skiff. It was a great opportunity to see one on their home water and several took turns to have a trial row on the delightful waterways that weave through the town.

Steph, Clive, Steve, Jenny and Rob gave of their time doing a superb PR job and treating the locals to a light workout on the water. In return Tom treated us to a fine picnic lunch and a glass (or two) of white wine, chilled to perfection.

The local Ukulele group entertained us with such oldies as ‘The Young Ones’,  ‘Lazing on a Summer’s Afternoon’,  ‘Sloop John B’ etc. – all highly appropriate, we felt…


Tom borrowed our banners:


Bluejacket showed her best side.  (note the new flag):


It was a bit tight getting back to the slipway to recover her at the end of the day:


But well worth the effort, we met some enthusiastic and friendly people – hopefully spreading the word about the joys of skifing to a deserving audience.