Cavalcade of boats at Beccles…

On Saturday we took Bluejacket across the border into Suffolk – although we had a gun -boat (MTB) in support:


We joined Tom Trevitt and a group of keen rowers (from the infant Beccles Coastal Rowing Club) who are gathering momentum to work out if they too can indulge in a St Ayles skiff. It was a great opportunity to see one on their home water and several took turns to have a trial row on the delightful waterways that weave through the town.

Steph, Clive, Steve, Jenny and Rob gave of their time doing a superb PR job and treating the locals to a light workout on the water. In return Tom treated us to a fine picnic lunch and a glass (or two) of white wine, chilled to perfection.

The local Ukulele group entertained us with such oldies as ‘The Young Ones’,  ‘Lazing on a Summer’s Afternoon’,  ‘Sloop John B’ etc. – all highly appropriate, we felt…


Tom borrowed our banners:


Bluejacket showed her best side.  (note the new flag):


It was a bit tight getting back to the slipway to recover her at the end of the day:


But well worth the effort, we met some enthusiastic and friendly people – hopefully spreading the word about the joys of skifing to a deserving audience.


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